Spring Awakening Challenge Reveal

Today is the reveal for the Spring Awakening Challenge where I used beads purchased from Andrew Thornton of Allegory Gallery. Here is what was in the kit and the handmade component Andrew made.

Yes, I did actually sort through it really well; I like to know when I can be symmetrical and when I can’t. These are really my colors, so it is strange that I have a hard time coming up with ideas for these. Luckily, I didn’t have to look far for inspiration. Included in the box, was a lovely postcard advertising the Gallery’s current exhibition featuring a painting by Cynthia Thornton called “Mama Mermaid.” The whole earth awakens in Spring. 

I grabbed a few oceanic, tropical things before I remembered one of the first pieces I ever made. It was actually the second piece of metal I painted; I was so intent on the focal, that I just put it on a chain, so a redo was in order. 

I didn’t change the earrings, since I like the sea glass and vintage glass together, but I reworked the look of the necklace. 

I haven’t used waxed linen before. Oh, I have it here laying around, but it’s sticky! Since it came in the kit, I really wanted to challenge myself to work with it. Since the necklace wasn’t falling apart, I was confident enough to try earrings.

While it’s fun to experiment, these are not really what I consider my style. My style is still evolving, but these are not something I would normally make. With that thought in mind, I tackled Andrew’s polymer clay pendant. How could I still use the waxed linen, but be more me?

I’m pleased with the way the bracelet turned out. This is totally something I would make, just with some new texture. Now, this is where I got ambitious. I love art dolls and spirt dolls…but I have never made one. I blame the beads–they screamed to me and I answered. Many times, I have a very clear vision of what I want, and often sketch it out, but I may not always know how to do what I want to do. Skill level is one of the things I am trying hard to work on this year, so I have stopped selling and devoted myself to classes. 

One of my favorite trees is Birch. I am drawn to it in ways I can’t explain. Paintings, photos, Birch beer, wood art…I want to touch it, look at it, and ingest it. I put out a call to my beady peeps and Andrea Glick said she would send me some branches from her tree. Believe it or not, this is actually what inspired my idea: 

The mini broom, I got at a charity shop, and the beaded flowers my friend Kelli Nelson sent to me that were on my workbench. Andrea sent me the branches and also in the mail that day, was a doll head I had purchased. Bam!

I made a mold of the face and everything flowed from there. Her face is polymer clay. I have a load of recycled upholstery fabric and wallpaper that I like to use, so I grabbed what I though would work well with the beads. Silk sari ribbon is a favorite, so I had to have that! I love resin, so I used the resin to adhere the branches to the broom and while it was still wet, coated the drops with mica powders–hopefully you can see little glints of color. I love wire so I knew that would be incorporated. The final idea of a “crown” came together while visiting a bead shop/glass and mosaic supply shop in Harrisonburg, VA and found these great ceramic tile leaves. 

I hope you like her as much as I do! She hasn’t told me her name yet, so if you have any suggestions, let me know! This blog hop is small so please take the time to visit and see what the other participants have made. Thank you so much for looking. 

Christina Porter http://queenbeedesignsny.com 
Michelle McCarthy of Playing with Clay www.fireflydesignstudio.blogspot.com 
The Host: Andrew Thornton http://andrew-thornton.blogspot.com 

About windbent

I try to reclaim, reuse and re-love items from our past and make them modern again. I see my jewelry as a fusion of old and new, cross cultural, and spanning time periods. Because I use vintage items within my jewelry, there may be age related signs of love that make them special. Each piece will be unique or made in small batches that are similar, but still different. If I find an item I love and it doesn't want to become jewelry, I give it a new home in another art format.
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22 Responses to Spring Awakening Challenge Reveal

  1. Oh I so do love when someone posts some creative and unique ways to use Andrews kits. Your doll/broom is lovely! And what an awsome ‘redo’ you were able to do with your painted pendant! I love how it turned out! You do have a knack for the waxed linen, it shows with those gorgeous wrapped earrings!

  2. Lea Avroch says:

    very cool Lennis! Love the creative ways you used the components to come up with something uniquely ‘you’.

  3. Wow, you sure made a whole lot of pieces…..all very lovely, too!

  4. Kari Asbury says:

    Fantastic designs! I love the way you re-worked that necklace…very pretty!

  5. I love that you redesigned your necklace! The broom wall hanging is great… Fun to think outside the box!

  6. Great pieces Lennis! I love those earrings that you made with the waxed linen and the bracelet too!! I totally relate to what you said “I may not always know how to do what I want to do”. Foundational skills are so important to putting a piece together. All of the things you made look great, I think you should call her Betulla (Birch in Italian). p.s. I love white birch beer!!

  7. jamilynn65 says:

    I love how the whole story and how all the pieces came into play. Everything led so seamlessly to the next conclusion – bam! I love you Lennis, just as you are mystical, whimsical you ❤ I love your spirit doll and do hope she tells you her name. She knows and will when she is ready. Blessings!

  8. jamilynn65 says:

    All of your creations are delightful! Especially the ones yielded from the sticky wax cord you weren’t sure you’d be able to endure. You did it and so much more. As you continue on your path of finding your style you will find it easier not to sell yourself short and have more fun experimenting. I adore you and your flair. Keep your sense of spunk it will take you far. Happy creating!

  9. beadlove says:

    Your pieces are great – I love how you re-worked the necklace! It was fascinating to read how your spirit doll came together. Meant to be! I have to go look for the name choices and see which she looks like.

    • windbent says:

      Name My Besom. Do you like:
      Betulla (“Birch” or “girl/maiden”)
      Thalia (one of the 3 Graces meaning “blossoming/luxuriant”)
      Crescentia ( “to spring up/grow/or thrive”)
      Demetria (“loves the Earth”)
      Florentia (“blossoming”)
      Silvia (“from the forest”)

  10. Omg. I love it all. Cynthia’s art is amazing, and your creativity..wow. I’m looking forward to trying to get my mojo back. I wish you could come stay and visit me.

  11. Oh I love her! What is her name?

    • windbent says:

      We are still deciding. You can vote here or on my FB wall. Name my besom. Do you like:
      Betulla (“Birch” or “girl/maiden”)
      Thalia (one of the 3 Graces meaning “blossoming/luxuriant”)
      Crescentia ( “to spring up/grow/or thrive”)
      Demetria (“loves the Earth”)
      Florentia (“blossoming”)
      Silvia (“from the forest”)

  12. Paula says:

    Your earrings are adorable. They remind me of little surf boards – very beachy! Also really enjoyed your creativity with the broom. I would never have thought to incorporate beadwork into a broom and you pulled together such perfect components. Really special.

  13. While I enjoyed your original necklace, I think the changes you’ve made to it really add to it. You’ve added a lot more texture and beachy, visual interest to carry the eye around the piece. Very cool! And the earrings are great just the way they are! I’m glad to hear that the kit helped push you in some new directions. It’s always interesting to just play and experiment. I think it’s the way we get to know our style and it’s nice to hear that that happened here. The bracelet you made is also really fun! I love how eclectic it is. And wow… the besom is delightful and perfect for the season. Of metaphorically sweeping out the old and preparing for a bright future, full of abundance. You’ve outdone yourself! Thanks so much for participating!

  14. Love your extensive use of the kit with all the lovely pieces. The surfboard beachy looking earrings sooo summery. Love them, my favorite.

  15. Oh my, Lennis, I don’t know where to start. Your redo is so creative! I love the asymmetry. I still have those tiny glass beads separated, just waiting. The surfboard earrings are so cute! The bracelet – very pretty and ecclectic. And that broom – just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and versatility!

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