Mismatched Monday: Halloween Edition…with a Junk Art Twist

I was actually supposed to be at a dinner party right now but since life intervened, I decided to continue my project of cleaning off my work table…right after I checked my email and Facebook. Real quick! You know what happened though; I got the distraction I wanted. You may or may not know that Diana of Suburban Girl Studio loves mismatched earrings. She guest posts on Art Jewelry Elements in a bimonthly series called Mismatched Monday: Earrings and Inspiration. This Monday is a special Halloween theme. I’m sure the lovely artists over at Art Jewelry Elements would prefer you actually use their handmade beads for these challenges, but two days before pay day and the day of a challenge, that wasn’t going to happen. I also couldn’t face making anymore of a mess in my workshop. NO. So I added a little challenge of my own: I promised myself to only use components that were open on my desk. No opening little bags. No opening bead boxes. No cutting loose beads that were already strung. Only what was lying there. Now it was fortuitous for me that after I made Halloween earrings for my friends, I had two handmade polymer clay beads left over that were made for me by Andrea of ZenithJade Creations. So here’s what I had on my table: Image

So with only loose components on my table from abandoned projects, broken jewelry, and not using anything that was not already just lying there, I added my pumpkin and skull charms…


So are these the best earrings I’ve ever made? No. Am I going to sell them and make millions? No. Am I going to win photography award of the year for this cell phone picture taken under a lamp at night? No. However, the whole point was for me to have some fun and clean off my work table. Check and check!

You can find ZenithJade Creations here:




About windbent

I try to reclaim, reuse and re-love items from our past and make them modern again. I see my jewelry as a fusion of old and new, cross cultural, and spanning time periods. Because I use vintage items within my jewelry, there may be age related signs of love that make them special. Each piece will be unique or made in small batches that are similar, but still different. If I find an item I love and it doesn't want to become jewelry, I give it a new home in another art format.
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4 Responses to Mismatched Monday: Halloween Edition…with a Junk Art Twist

  1. I love the mismatch and the sugar skull. Very cute asymmetry.
    I like them!

  2. Sue Kooiman says:

    I’m a fan of these earrings! fun and funky

  3. Very cool – great idea!

  4. Diana P. says:

    Thank you for participating in the Mismatched Halloween Challenge! Love the earrings!

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