Framed Screen Jewelry Holder Project

Two of my friends have a piece of screen attached to wooden dowels on either end to hang their earrings from.  The trouble with those is that they’re hard to hang leverback earrings.  I started to look on Etsy to see what type of jewelry holders people made to see if there was something else I could buy.  Being a pottery fan, I saw some great pots with holes all along the edges to hand earrings but I didn’t like the idea of putting all your necklaces inside the pot to get tangled; that would require buying another holder and I really don’t have room on my nightstand or dresser for that. I finally found some screens similar to what my friends have, but made with frames instead and thought I had a clever idea to put hooks or knobs on the frames to hang bracelets and necklaces–but then I saw some of those too so not as an original idea as I thought.  The more elaborate these are the more they cost and with the cost of shipping, I thought…I can make that!  So, let me be clear from the get go that you will not save any money making these yourself unless you already have all the parts lying around.  But, if you just want to do something fun because you like to make things yourself then go for it.  Otherwise, by the time you buy the wood, screen, screws, washers, picture hooks, wall plugs, wire, tape or glue, and/or paint if you wish, I promise you might as well support an artisan and buy one handmade for you.

The idea was to get screen and put it into a frame with knobs added to hang objects.  I was able to get an old frame made from reclaimed wood from a local photographer for less than I could buy the wood, so why wouldn’t I?  You need a flat, wide frame which will be harder to find than you think! The other wood you see above was bought from the hardware store so we could secure the screen to the frame and make it come away from the wall to give the earring hooks room to hang.  We actually bought a metal screen window covering from the Habitat for Humanity Restore and cut it out to fit the frame. Luckily, they had the drawer knobs as well so that saved us some money.  If you want something prettier and are not worried about the cost, Hobby Lobby and Anthropologie usually have great knobs.

Notice I switched from I to we?  Well, whenever I think up a project my husband deems dangerous he has a tendency to “help” me.  I guess I could take exception since I am perfectly capable of cutting a screen or screwing in some screws…but I think it’s cute since he doesn’t want me to get hurt.  Also, if I really wanted to make something myself or didn’t want to wait because I was too excited, I would just make it when he was at work and not give him the time to worry about it.  If he knew all the things I do in my workshop that may be deemed dangerous, not even including the chemicals, I think he would pass out!

Now that you have made or procured your frame, you can add your wire if you want to be able to hold leverback earrings. We took eye-screws with wire and placed them on the front outside of where the screen will go.

You need to cut your screen to fit with enough overhang that you can screw in the strips of wood to hold to the frame.  I was a little worried about the weight of the jewelry eventually making the screen pull down from the top (we used strong metal screen so I would hope it wouldn’t fray but just in case) so we used metal tape to hold the screen in place before screwing the wood down.  You could probably glue it in place first also.  One last thing to think about is where you are going to place any knobs or hooks on the front of the frame, so that you are not putting screws in your way on the back when you screw the wood in place.

Just add your picture hooks to hang and make sure you think about the weight after you add the jewelry so you may want to use wall plugs.

Ours is a little rustic, so like I mentioned you could paint or decoupage the frame, add wood molding or accents, use different knobs to make each one a feature, etc.  The french hook earrings hang through the screen, leverback earrings from the wires, and the bracelets and necklaces hang from the knobs like so.

If I (we) did this again, I think I would actually hinge another wood frame to the back so that you could open it like a medicine cabinet.  That way, you could have the wires to hang lever-backs inside and the screen on the outside, but by allowing access to the back of the screen, you could also hang post earrings or have access to pins.  If you look at the picture above, I have only put the pins I do not wear often on there for decoration because I would need to remove the whole piece from the wall anytime I wanted to wear them.


About windbent

I try to reclaim, reuse and re-love items from our past and make them modern again. I see my jewelry as a fusion of old and new, cross cultural, and spanning time periods. Because I use vintage items within my jewelry, there may be age related signs of love that make them special. Each piece will be unique or made in small batches that are similar, but still different. If I find an item I love and it doesn't want to become jewelry, I give it a new home in another art format.
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